Wednesday, September 1, 2010

“A (3x)”
--Marfen John A. Estrada
I woke up one morning and turned the computer on
In the web on your profile I blushed and twisted on my own
I saw your face with my eyes so dreamed
That one day that face will be my girl destiny’s creed
The tree that speaks, the door that sneaks, the water that flows, the wind that
blows, the dog that barks, the bell that rings, the chime that sounds, the leaves
cracks, my heart beats, this guitar plays, music in tune to make me fall for you!
I brushed up one Sunday and you know what I thought?
It was the smile on your picture, your beauty is venom
I slept at noon one Sunday and you know what I dreamt?
It was the sadness on your blog, the boredom, the lost blanket that make you
Allyza Aster Angeles be it wise, be it nice, be it healthy, I am singing on the
I want to make you smile again in a picture with the background of. . . (chorus1)
Please somebody take care of her
Please witches come make me an heir
To be an heir of your sorcery I’ll make a bear
A bear so brave to roar at her that
I secretly love the way she dare

The moon strikes no mercy
Show me the way I seek
Find a way to say it clear
I like you, the scent wants to hear
End line:
But I don’t know how
No, I don’t know how
However I approached without applause, without a plan, without a thought
Yeah! I don’t know how.

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