Monday, July 19, 2010

"Would I Be???"
Marfen Estrada

If I would choose where would I be
I would choose behind you not to see,
Not because I want to "green" on you
But because I want to look on you.

I'll be on your back so I can inspire you,
Not to turn back, but your life to go on to.
So if your weight would be beyond compare,
With all strength I will catch you, your weight I'll dare.

As a jack-lifting BIKE suddenly became TRUCK,
With SCARS on my hand, on your back I'll be INTACT.
If you'd love someone else I'd be STILL at your back,
For you to see me crying in pain would be a LUCK.

So back fighters shall hit me first,
If they try so, in peace they'll thirst.
For my anger will give them curse,
As a full volcano to burst.

By the fact that all of us are destined to die,
Yes I would like you to die FIRST before am I.
Better for you to die first and let pain move in,
Than to see you by MY coffin crying, DYING.

If I would choose where would I like LOCKED,
I would like to choose to be at your back.
Decided to be at your back, question flies around,
To you i want to hear me asking --